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Do you employ carers? Do you have staff with caring responsibilities?

One of the highest priorities for carers in NSW is combining caring and paid work.

It’s likely that at some point in our lives many of us will take on some form of caring responsibility.  A supportive workplace can make this journey easier.

Employment brings carers financial security, social connections and improves personal wellbeing.  Carers bring significant skill and expertise to workplaces. It can be hard for carers to juggle finances, care, work, education and personal life.

As an employer there are many ways to support employees with caring responsibilities.

Many workplaces already have polices that employees with caring responsibilities can benefit from. Supporting carers to access existing policies like flexible working practices and reasonable adjustment policies can make a significant difference in the life of a carer.

Other ways employers can support carers:

  • Educate staff and build organisational awareness of carers
  • Ensure managers and employees are aware of and access carers leave
  • Promote the use of existing policies such as flexible workplace practices and work from home policies
  • Offer carers leave and other forms of leave such as unpaid leave
  • Help develop employee support networks. Read the Public Service Commission Guidelines for Employee Networks for more information
  • Offer “returnships” – training and/or support to carers re-entering the workplaces after a break.

Carers NSW Corporate Services - Carers NSW can help organisations and employers to develop tailored strategies to support carers balancing paid employment and unpaid care. For more information visit the Carers NSW website.

Australian Human Rights Commission - It is good practice for organisations to develop strategies to support employees with caring responsibilities. Read the Australian Human Rights Commission resources on how to support employees with caring responsibilities.

Fair Work Ombudsman - The National Employment Standards include personal carers' leave. Visit the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website for more information about caring responsibilities and employee entitlements.

Anti-Discrimination Board - In NSW, employers must not treat job applicants and employees unfairly or harass them because of their caring responsibilities. To find out more about Anti-discrimination law and caring responsibilities, visit the Anti Discrimination Board’s website.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019