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NSW Government Employers

Obligations of NSW public sector agencies under the Carer (Recognition) Act 2010

The Act requires public sector agencies, which includes government departments and local councils, to:

  • take reasonable steps to ensure that staff are aware of and understand the NSW Carers Charter
  • consult with carers or organisations that represent carers when developing policies that impact on carers
  • have regard to the Carers Charter when developing  their human resource policies.

NSW Carers Charter

The NSW Carers Charter includes 13 principles that recognise the valuable contribution made by carers and provides guidance on issues of significance for carers.

The NSW Carers Charter groups principles into four key areas:

  1. Carers make a valuable contribution to the community
  2. Carers’ health and well-being is important
  3. Carers are diverse and have individual needs within and beyond their caring role
  4. Carers are partners in care.

Obligations of human service agencies

Human service agencies are public sector agencies that provide services directed at carers or the people they care for. In addition to their obligations as public sector agencies, human service agencies must ensure that the principles of the Carers Charter are reflected in their core work. Human service agencies are also required to report annually on their compliance with the Act.

Downloadable resources - Supporting staff who are carers

FACS has developed the following resources to help NSW Government agencies to implement the Act.

Guidance for public sector staff in implementing the Act - Implementation Guidelines for Public Sector Agencies (currently under review following the 2016 statutory review of the Act)

General guide about the Act - Fact Sheet - Guide to the NSW Carers (Recognition) Act   PDF, 442.94 KB

Two posters are available to promote the Carers Charter:

The Carers Charter is also available in community languages and in an easy read version here PDF, 244.44 KB.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019