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For Services

Do you provide services or supports to carers, or to the person they care for?

Everyday carers access to a range of services for themselves and those they provide care to. If you are a health professional or work in health or a related field, you can help carers get the support and services they need. Here are some resources that can help you.

For Health professionals and services

Top 5 is a simple process that encourages health professionals to engage with carers to gain valuable non-clinical information to help personalise care.

TOP 5 Initiative - Engaging Carers

Partnering with Carers is a resource developed by the NSW Ministry of Health to help health professionals in identifying and supporting unpaid carers.

Partnering with carers

For Educators

If you work in a University, TAFE or school, chances are there is a carer in your class. There are many ways you can help carers balance their studies and their caring responsibilities. Visit these sites for more information and resources to support you in identifying and supporting carers in the classroom.

Want to learn more about identifying and supporting young carers?

Visit the Carers NSW Young Carer website or complete the FACS e-learning tool Identifying & Supporting Young Carers.

You can also visit the Carers Australia website or download Access and Inclusion: Carers in Higher Education PDF, 6432.51 KB.

For Community and Disability Services

If you work for a non-government service or disability, mental health or other community service provider, you can make a big difference by helping to identify carers in the community and linking them to available services and supports. Here are some links and resources to get you started:

Carers NSW provide Education for service providers, free one hour training sessions for government and non-government organisations and service providers working directly or indirectly with carers. The sessions will help organisations identify carers and provide their workers with a better understanding of the unique nature of carers' needs and issues.

Carers NSW Service Provider Education

The Hidden Carers in Social Housing eLearning modules, developed by Carers NSW with support from FACS, will build your knowledge and skills to identify hidden carers that may present themselves in social housing.

Hidden Carers eLearning modules

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019